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Double Eleven Cyber Sales

Posted on 2016-10-26 05:09:58

When is the deadline for purchases via for the 1111 shopping festival? accepts the order from now until precisely 8.00pm, 10th November 2015 to ensure all purchases within the timeframe for the 1111 shopping festival are duly processed. Please take note that normal prices and rates will apply for late orders.


What is the 1111 shopping festival?
1111 basically refers to the date 11th November (11/11), which is originally celebrated by all singled people. On this special day, all sellers in China will offer plenty of wonderful promotions in order to attract customers, including mouth-watering discounts of up to 90%, launching of new and long-awaited products, unique shopping vouchers, or even free local delivery of products. All promotions are of course, valid on that day itself.

All promotions are not limited to local China brands, this means that internationally renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, Uniglo, New Balance, Kose, Shiseido and many, many more will also be available!

The astounding 1111 shopping festival in and started since year 2011, and recording a great transaction amount of 191 billion RMB in year 2012 which increased substantially to 350.18 billion RMB as of year 2013! Undoubtedly, 1111 shopping festival has now become the largest online shopping festival in the world, much adored, and long-awaited for by all.


What promotion is available during the 1111 shopping festival?
Almost all categories of products are available during the 1111 shopping festival, including fashion, electronic, cosmetics, bags, shoes, baby products and many more. Of course, sellers are not only selling local China brands, but plenty of non-local, branded products as well! Just think about all the stuffs you can buy on this special occasion! This year, it is estimated that more than 20,000 sellers will be participating in this shopping festival.


How does the Taobao 1111 shopping festival work?
Only products purchased on the 11th November will be eligible for promotional offers. However, sellers will start promoting their pages well before that; in fact, as of now some have already updated their webpages just for this amazing event! Interested buyers can thus make their orders for promoted items to before the deadline of 10th November. Please read on to learn how to make your purchases for the 1111 shopping festival.


How to find the products on promotion during the 1111 shopping festival?
1. Start by browsing through the list of sellers in the following links and choose the sellers and brands that you desire:




2. Once you have selected a seller, you can start browsing through their products which are available for the 1111 shopping festival. Items under promotion will all be labelled with the unique 1111 logo~



3. Alternatively, you can also start browsing by simply searching for the product that you are interested in. The items and respective prices on promotion for the 1111 shopping festival will be shown in their product image respectively (not available yet): 



How to place order for items on promotion during the 1111 shopping festival?


1. Select your products:


There are 3 categories of products that will be available for the 1111 shopping festival, each with different price specifications:


a) Launching of new products; prices as shown in descriptions:How to place order for items on promotion during the 1111 shopping festival?


b) Discounted prices of normal products valid on the 11th November only; prices as shown inside product images:



c) Pre-sales products; prices as shown in the product image and description:



2. Add your item(s) into the shopping cart with the respective price(s), and please insert “1111” into the Remark box, as follows:



3. Once you have submitted your order, please make full payment and we will proceed with your orders immediately. For a more comprehensive guide to buying, please read “How To Order”. 


When can I receive the items purchased during the 1111 shopping festival?


Promotional prices for the 1111 shopping festival is only valid on the 11th of November, so any orders and payments made before that day will be put on hold until the 11th of November to be eligible for the promotions. will place all paid orders on the 11th of November 2015 to It is estimated to take about 5 – 7 working days after 11th November 2015 for the purchased items to reach our China warehouse, and another 5 – 14 working days via ABX or Skynet to from China warehouse to your specified destination in Malaysia.


What if could not buy the items during the 1111 shopping festival after I have made the necessary payments?

The 1111 shopping festival will attract buyers from all over the world, and as previously experienced, this will likely cause severe server lag – users will experience slow connection at Since some products are only available in limited quantities, cannot guarantee 100% success rates in purchases during the event. However, here at we promise to try our best to serve you better.


However, in the event that fails to purchase the items at the discounted prices as shown during 1111 shopping festival; will seek the buyer’s opinion on whether to proceed with the purchase using the normal price tag, or refund in full the amount already paid.
cheapestmy encourages buyers to place orders early to improve the chances of procuring hot and limited items on sale during the 1111 shopping festival!


Thank you very much!

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Jualan Siber 1111

Posted on 2016-10-26 05:10:09

Bilakah tarikh akhir pembelian bagi festival beli-belah 1111 di mula menerima pesanan dari sekarang sehingga tepat 8.00pm, 10hb November 2015 bagi memastikan segala pembelian 1111 festival dapat dilakukan secara lancar. Pesanan yang lewat akan dikenakan harga biasa.

Apakah festival 1111?
1111 merujuk kepada tarikh 11hb November (11/11) yang pada asalnya merupakan perayaan para bujang di China. Pada hari yang istimewa ini, para penjual di China akan menjalankan pelbagai promosi hebat bagi menarik perhatian konsumer, termasuk diskaun sehingga 90%, pelancaran produk baru, penwarana baucer unik ataupun kos penghantaran tempatan yang percuma. Promosi-promosi festival ini adalah terhad pada 11hb November sahaja.

Baranagan promosi tidak terhad kepada barangan keluaran negara China. Ini bermaksud jenama-jenama antarabangsa yang popular seperti Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Kose, Shiseido dan sebagainya turut disertai dalam promosi ini!

Festival 1111 ini dijalankan di dan sejak tahun 2011. Jumlah transaksi yang dianggarkan untuk festival ini adalah sebanyak 191 billion RMB pada tahun 2012 dan terus meningkat ke 350.18 billion pada tahun 2013. Kini, festival 1111 merupakan festival membeli-belah online yang terbesar di dunia.


Apakah produk yang dipromosi dalam festival 1111?
Festival 1111 merangkumi hampir kesemua jenis produk yang tersedia dalam pasaran sekarang, contohnya barangan fesyen, elektronik, kosmetik, beg dan kasut, barangan bayi dan berbagai-bagainya. Penjual yang menyertai festival ini tidak terhad kepada menjualkan barangan jenama China sahaja, tetapi juga melibatkan pelbagai jenama terkenal dari luar negara. Anggaran kasar jumlah penjual yang menyertai festival 1111 pada tahun ini adalah lebih daripada 20,000 penjual.

Bagaimanakah festival 1111 ini dijalankan?
Hanya barang-barangan yang dibelikan pada 11hb November yang dapat menikmati promosi-promosi festival ini. Walaupun begitu, para penjual di Taobao biasanya memulakan promosi mereka sebelum 11hb November. Kini, promosi-promosi bagi festival 1111 sudah mula dipaparkan oleh para penjual. Para pembeli yang berminat diseur untuk menurunkan pesanan mereka di sebelum tarikh akhir 10hb November 2015. Sila terus membaca untuk cara membuat pesanan.

Bagaimanakah mencari produk festival 1111?
1. Anda boleh memulakan pencarian penjual dan memilihkan penjual dan jenama yang diminati melalui link yang berikutnya:




2. Setelah habis memilih penjual, anda boleh mula melihat-lihat produk mereka yang terlibat dalam promosi festival 1111. Barangan yang dipromosi 1111 akan memaparkan logo berikut:


3. Secara alternatif, anda juga boleh memulakan pencarian dengan mengisi nama produk yang anda minati. Produk yang terlibat dalam festival 1111 akan ditunjukkan dengan icon dan harga dalam gambar produk mereka (Belum dimulakan).


Bagaimanakah membuatkan pesanan untuk festival 1111?

1. Pilihkan produk anda :

Produk yang terlibatkan dalam festival 1111 boleh dikelaskan dalam 3 kategori, di mana masing-masing memaparkan harga secara berlainans:

a) Pelancaran produk baru di mana harga ditunjukkan dalam penghuraiannya :Bagaimanakah membuatkan pesanan untuk festival 1111?


b) Harga promosi yang terhad pada 11hb November sahaja di mana harga ditunjukkan dalam gambar produk:



c) Produk pre-sales di mana harga ditunjukkan dalam gambar dan maklumat produk:



2. Masukkan produk anda ke dalam troli (shopping cart) dengan harga yang berkaitan, dan sila masukkan nombor “1111” di dalam petak “Remark”:



3. Selepas anda telah membuatkan pesanan, sila membuat pembayaran secara penuh agar pihak dapat memproseskan pesanan anda. Sila merujuk kepada artikel “Bagaimana Beli (How To Order)” untuk langkah-langkah pembelian secara terperinci.

Bilakah dapat saya menerima produk promosi festival 1111?
Memandangkan harga festival 1111 hanya sah pada 11hb November sahaja, sebarang pesanan dan pembayaran anda hanya akan pihak proseskan di pada 11hb November 2015 agar anda dapat menikmati promosi- promosi tersebut. Barang-barang anda dijangka sampai ke gudang China dalam 5 – 7 hari bekerja selepas 11hb November 2015, dan seterusnya mengambil masa 5 – 14 hari bekerja untuk penghantaran barang dari gudang China ke destinasi anda di Malaysia melalui ABX atau Skynet.

Apakah yang akan berlaku sekiranya saya tidak dapat barangan promosi festival 1111 walaupun saya telah membuatkan pesanan dan pembayaran?
Sebagai satu promosi yang sangat popular, Festival 1111 akan menarik para pembeli dari seluruh dunia pada waktu yang sama. Hal ini mungkin akan menyebabkan server lag – para pengguna akan menghadapi masalah penyambungan internet ke Memandangkan sesetengah produk yang dipromosi semasa festival 1111 adalah amat terhad, tidak dapat 100% menjaminkan bahawa semua produk dapat dipesankan di pada 11hb November 2015. Namun, akan bertungkus-lumus agar dapat memuaskan semua para pembeli yang dihormati.

Sekiranya tidak dapat mendapatkan produk promosi festival 1111 tertentu, pihak akan berkonsultasi pembeli agar meneruskan pesanan tersebut dengan harga biasa, ataupun meminta pemulangan (refund) penuh .
cheapestmy menggalakkan para pembeli supaya membuatkan pesanan anda seawal mungkin bagi meninggikan peluang mendapatkan produk promosi festival 1111.

Sekian, terima kasih!

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