Buying From through Taobao Malaysia Agent and its Benefits


The Chinese-based online marketplace Taobao is the biggest of its kind throughout the world, especially so when China is a leading global manufacturer. If you are looking to sell products as a business, you will need to source your products from a cheap producer, which is where the Taobao marketplace becomes incredibly resourceful.The same applies for those simply browsing for products for individual use. 


The site allows sellers in every industry to sell their products, which often come at very affordable prices. Once you have access to said products, you can make a profit by reselling them at higher prices, regardless of where you are. In Malaysia, you can easily access, review and select products from China via Taobao sea.


However, the dealing for payment procedure may be ineffective or inconvenient considering language barriers (transactions are all done in Chinese), requirement of a Chinese-based E-account as well as reliable logistical networks. This is where Taobao online intermediaries like can really come in handy for your business.


A Taobao agent is an intermediary who helps you navigate the marketplace and purchase the products that you want. They will be able to aid in cutting shipping costs as well as ensuring that your goods delivered to your doorstep safe-and-sound. Unless you are a native of China, it is always worthwhile to get an agent to help you buy products from the Taobao as it will help you save both time and money.

Selecting a Taobao Purchasing Agent

  • You need to select a best local agent based on its experiences at navigating both the Chinese and Malaysian online platforms. The last thing that you want is to break the financial laws of both countries, simply because you did not know what you were doing. Can you imagine dealing with such problems?

  • Your Taobaowang intermediaries should also offer multiple payment options that will allow you to buy your products comfortably. Since the Chinese marketplace only allows you to make use of the Yuan; if you do not have an e-bank account, your choices can become very limited. Your agent should therefore provide an intermediary way of allowing you to pay for the services and products without any compromise on your financial information.

  • Local purchasing assistants need to know and understand Chinese so as to be able to ensure smoother transactions, as well as to work on your behalf by communicating with Chinese-based sellers when the need arises.

  • Your preferred agent should of course, be very affordable. After all, the whole point of you buying form the online marketplace is to keep the costs down. Thus, it would be a wise idea to look for an agent who provides both good discounts and services.

  • Always ensure that you select a Taobao purchasing assistant that has a good reputation. An unscrupulous intermediary can cost you a lot of money, something that you do not want in your business.

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Benefits of Hiring a Local Agent

  • Granted, hiring a Taobao buying assistant will cost you a little bit of money. However, the benefits you get in return are worth every single cent you paid for.

  • One of the major benefits of hiring intermediaries like is their roles as screens. Agents have more experience in dealing with numerous sellers on the online marketplace in China, and will be able to let you know which reputable sellers are worth dealing with. This ensures that you will have access to the best products, deals or even services available in the marketplace.

  • Local agents in Malaysia are also familiar with the financial laws in both China and Malaysia, allowing you to make purchases and get them delivered legally, thus offering you peace of mind in your business ventures.

  • Chinese sellers online do not accept most major online payment methods. This means that you will find it very difficult to buy anything from the Taobao site like Taobao SEA, if you do not have the right Chinese-based accounts. An intermediaries like however, can help you go around the online payment limitations placed on you. Sourcing items becomes much easier after that.

  • Did you know that most local Taobao intermediaries could negotiate on your behalf at times? That is a huge advantage not to be missed. Lowered costs will translate to bigger profit margins for your business.

  • If you were to buy items online from Taobao, you would have to ship them individually, thus incurring higher shipping costs. Additionally, the chances of you losing a few items along the way are much higher as well. An agent however, would combine all your orders and ship them altogether, significantly cutting down shipping expenses. These agents also increase the delivery rate and efficiency of all your items from Taobao.


Bottom Line is a Taobao agent committed to carry out all the responsibilities mentioned above, so that you, the customer, can shop with ease and pleasure. If you are interested, please feel free to open an account with us. The process of purchasing products from the online marketplace in China will become exceedingly simple, safe and efficient. You can just sit back in Malaysia and wait for your goods to arrive, whilst spending time and money on something more important in life.

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