What A Taobao Malaysia Agent Can Do for You to Enhance Your Shopping Experience ?

How Does A cheapestmy Agent Help You to Shop using Taobao and Tmall?

With many selling and auction sites coming up online, few are actually reliable and secure. Most of them turn out to be money scamming sites. However, among the few reliable ones is Taobao which has been in operation for a long time now.

What Is Taobao?

Taobao is a Chinese online selling and auction site which operates the same way as eBay but its origin is the People’s Republic of China. Most items that are for sale in Taobao.com are China made and there is a wide variety of goods- everything that can be bought around the world can be found on this site. Sellers are allowed to post any new and used goods on the site for any willing buyers to buy. The goods can either be sold under fixed prices or through auctions. Buyers are therefore allowed to choose, or bid for the goods that they desire.

Why Should One Buy From Taobao?

Taobao has a lot to offer when it comes to a wide range of household items. Most of the items found on this site are usually cheaper thanks to the Chinese pay rate. You might find goods that would have otherwise been more expensive on other online trading stores or even local stores.

What Is A Taobao Purchasing Agent

A Taobao sourcing agent such as cheapestmy.com is an intermediary party which helps locals to order, purchase products from Taobao.com and making sure goods are delivered safely to the buyers. With a small surcharge, an agent helps in communicating, paying and dealing with China-based counterparts, handling logistics, allowing discounted rates at shipping as well as keeping track of purchases, among others.

Using an Agent

There are agents in various countries that help buyers around the world to purchase goods and ship them. Malaysia is one such country with a Taobao purchasing agent service. Agent services are usually very efficient and stress-free and one gets his or her goods within the expected time. One can use an agent's service simply through its website i.e. cheapestmy.com.

Reasons Why One Should Use A Taobao Purchasing Agent

There are various good reasons why one should use a Taobao sourcing agent Malaysia like cheapestmy.com, as follows: The Lack Of International Shipping Most items on the website are usually very cheap and therefore in high demand especially in Malaysia. However, the Taobao site doesn’t have international shipping and this is where the agents come into play. They help you ship your items right to your destination and you can receive the items within the agreed time. All items come intact and in great condition.

  • Help In Payment
  • The Taobao trading site only uses the Chinese banking payment service, without any other alternatives. Therefore payment is only applicable and stress-free if you are a Chinese citizen. However, since many people from around the world trade on Taobao, not many are familiar with the Chinese banking payments or even have access to them. So people from Malaysia can use an agent from Malaysia e.g. cheapestmy.com to help them make payments. Most agents will help you purchase all the items you require and then arrange deals for you with the suppliers or sellers, and then they will deliver all your goods to you in Malaysia. This makes your shopping experience in Taobao a lot easier.
  • Help You In Reducing Shipping Costs
  • The agents also help you reduce your shipping costs by collecting all the items you have bought from different vendors. They then combine all the items in to one parcel, something that will significantly reduce all your shipping costs and save you a lot of money. Free Stocking Services The agents also offer free stocking services for a certain duration depending on how soon you need your goods. This can be very convenient for you as the buyer.
  • Provision Of Tax prevention Issue Service
  • Most of the agents have helped buyers from paying unnecessary amounts in tax (as much as 70% in international shipping). However, they are usually clear in stating that tax can only be prevented without any solid guarantees that it would be taxable.
  • They Arrange Communication With The Vendor
  • The Malaysian Taobao agent is able to arrange communication between the buyer and the vendor if required. This is very convenient for the buyer especially when they need something clarified or have special requests.

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The Procedure Of Using an Agent in Malaysia

  1. First you only need to email them the Taobao link of the item you need to purchase along with the recipient’s details such as name, address, email address, contact number and the item list.
  2. The agent will indicate the price of the items which will also include the local china postage, minus the international shipping charge.
  3. The payment for the bought items will then be separated into two parts which are:
    • Payment for the transportation of the items bought to a warehouse in China
    • Payment of the bought items to be delivered to Malaysia. After the agent has received his first payment, he then proceeds to buy the items right from Taobao.com and within a single working day, the transaction will be complete.
  4. The items will of take 2-3 days (sometimes sooner) to reach the agents warehouse.
  5. As soon as the items arrive (under the same customer), they are combined to get one single weight.
  6. The buyer will then be notified of the final weight of the items so that they can complete the second part of the payment which will cover the international shipping fees.
  7. Arrangement of shipment ensues as soon as confirmation of payment is made.
  8. Lastly all the buyer has to do is to wait for the items to arrive.

The Insurance Aspect

Insurance applies when you are buying highly valuable items, and the insurance charges are paid by the buyer. However, the insurance is usually only 8% of the cost of the items and the shipping cost. It is important to inform the agent if you would like to have your goods covered for damage or loss. You will find items of great value and quality in Taobao, and making purchases through a Taobao Malaysia agent like cheapestmy.com will undoubtedly save you a lot of money and time, especially so if you are in Malaysia, where agents are readily available to serve you.

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