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Goods Classes


Goods Classes :

There are 3 main classes of goods- normal goods, sensitive goods and restricted goods.


Sensitive goods

Sensitive goods are subjected to additional taxes upon delivery. Examples include:

-    Counterfeit goods (e.g. LV, Gucci, Chanel, Disney, Hello Kitty)

-    Liquid products

-    Powder products

-    Medicine and supplements

-    Foods

-    Fruit and vegetable seeds

-    Cosmetics

-    Battery substances

-    Electronic devices

-    CDs & DVDs

-    Watches

-    Sharp items (e.g. knives, scisscors)

-    Magnets

-    Colouring product (e.g. colour pencils, crayons)

-    Helmet

-    Books

-    Religion related items (e.g.: Bible)


Restricted goods

Restricted goods that are prohibited to be imported, as listed by IATA :

-    Sex toys

-    Dangerous goods : explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, toxic and infection substances, radioactive materials, corrosives etc.

-    Counterfeit currency or notes

-    Tobaccos

-    Weapons

-    Drugs

-    Plants and animals


Kategori Item:

Secara amnya, barang-barangan digolongkan kepada tiga jenis iaitu Item Biasa, Item Sensitif dan Item Haram.


Item Sensitif

Item Sensitif tertakluk kepada cukai tambahan. Sebagai contoh:


Item Haram

Item Haram dilarang diimport, seperti yang ditetapkan oleh IATA:

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