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With the consumer-driven Chinese economy, shopping online has become the norm. New shopping platforms are sprouting up daily and consumers are greatly taking advantage of them and the absurdly low prices. One trading platform that has stood the test of time and market demands is Taobao. Taobao has become unwaveringly popular since its introduction and Chinese consumers and businessmen are fiercely loyal to it.

This has spread Taobao’s fame far and wide and now many foreign businessmen are looking for ways to start a business in their own country by utilizing as a sourcing platform because it is a site that has a lot of potential. We can find a lot of good quality product with extra low price from the platform as most of the seller form source the products directly from the manufacturers in China.

Difficulties in Starting a Business by Sourcing Directly from

There are various limitations and procedures when it comes to purchase goods from Taobao. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Susceptibility to Scams (Especially for Non-China Buyers)
  • If you are looking to purchase something on you will need to open an account, which is free to do so. However, it is crucial that you do not let the sellers in discover that you are a local (from China). As we all know, Taobao offers and honors good return policy and because of this, sellers have to provide quality control of their goods before sending them out to minimize the chance of returns.

    However, the same no longer applies for foreign buyers as some irresponsible sellers might take advantage of the fact that international shipping is expensive (often more than the product itself), and foreigners will most likely not opt for stock returns. As a result, some might purposely send wrong or faulty items to the buyers, thus increasing the risk of a non-local being scammed.

    At, we have our own warehouse in China and thus reduce the risk of location-based scam cases.

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  • Legal Checking

  • Regardless of what you want to buy from Taobao, you have to make sure that it is legal. This is very important as you will have to bear legal responsibility for the stuffs that you have bought, even if you are unaware of the restrictions. provides you info on what’s illegal and what’s not, apart from offering legal advice base on the items you’ve selected.

  • The Language Factor
  • Language barrier is also a huge drawback to many foreign businessmen or entrepreneurs who want to source products from the site. This is because is in Chinese and as of now, lacks support for English. Because of this, you will require someone who is also fluent in Chinese to help you with your transactions and communications with counterparts from China, or you would have to rely on the famous Ali Wang Wang Chat System integrated within the site.

    This can also be avoided by hiring a local sourcing agent like

How A Malaysian Agent Will Help Your Business

A Malaysian local purchasing agent like will be able to help you source goods since it is already helping many non-Chinese customers purchase goods on the site. The fact that Taobao doesn’t accept foreign credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa renders things difficult for potential buyers to make purchases. The Malaysian agent will help foreign businesses overcome such barriers and trade successfully. The agent is likely to be highly experienced in dealing with a wide array of online traders and will therefore be able to make your business as a non-Chinese trader smoother.

Taobao is without a doubt a successful online market-place which is growing every day. There is always a ready market for various kinds of goods and businesses, which foreign and Chinese traders are taking advantage of to generate serious amounts of cash. If you are dedicated and ready to face and overcome the challenges, making huge sums of money through Taobao is a piece of cake, particularly so with a good Malaysian Taobao sourcing agent like behind your back.

The online market offers a lot of opportunities for businesses to thrive, and you simply cannot go wrong by starting yours with, which has proven to be a solid and popular performer over the course of time. It is time to grab hold of the opportunity and bring your business to a whole new level. 

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