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cheapestmy Extends Sourcing Services to TMall to Help Malaysian Shoppers Save More has previously been sourcing exclusively from Taobao in China, but is

now looking to extend its services to include the TMall platform so as to increase the range

of products and help shoppers save more.

Life in Malaysia can be challenging with the high cost of living plus the relatively low

purchasing power, especially when compared to our neighboring but prosperous country-
Singapore. Importing goods can be costly as well as import duties apply to almost everything

in Malaysia.

Envious, but wise and frugal, Malaysians often find ways to lower the costs of imported

goods, particularly from China; so as to get hold of that trendy, fashion piece or simply to

reduce expenditures through imported necessities. Undoubtedly, this has caused Taobao to

become one of the most popular sources for goods even today.

As a Taobao Agent in Malaysia, cheapestmy has helped countless buyers to save huge

amounts of money by buying in bulk on top of striking awesome deals with sellers. As an

expansive effort, is now extending its service to include sourcing from

TMall, and their comprehensive range of goods. will continue to offer reliable and friendly services plus great discounts

made available to customers via bulk purchases and a range of business strategies. Well-
trained agents will also help prevent scam cases while sourcing so buyers can deal with

peace of mind; all at an affordable and lowest handling fee of 8% with no hidden charges.

Now covering Taobao and TMall platforms, can secure a wider

range of quality goods at close to wholesale rates, which not only enables consumers

to save significantly with their shopping sprees, but also open up vast opportunities for

entrepreneurs to make a living out of resale value alone. The options and possibilities have

just doubled.

About is set up to provide professional and friendly services in helping

Malaysians to securely purchase products from Taobao or Tmall while simultaneously

lowering the cost of international shipping. With its bargaining power,

also allows entrepreneurs and businesses to source their trading products at extraordinary

rates. By eliminating intermediaries, offers cheaper prices compared to

others e.g. Groupon without any compromise in quality. With, shopping

is made so simple that it’s “Ridiculously Easy!”

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