Why Shop Using A Taobao Purchasing Agent On Taobao.com?

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Regardless of your purchase, be it affordable goodies, unique merchandises, the latest gadgets, discounted air tickets or even holiday packages, Taobao.com is the place you want to be! This Chinese-based platform IS the world’s marketplace: You can find wonderful deals as you grab yourself the latest goods; or you could simply source for products, have them shipped to Malaysia, and sell them for a profit. The highly affordable prices are the main attractions of Taobao.com.

Of course, you could navigate Taobao.com and make purchases on your own. However, there are plenty of worthwhile advantages when you buy products via a Taobao Malaysian agent, despite the small handling fee, and this particular article is written solely to enlighten you on the key benefits.

So, why should you shop using a Local agent instead of handling the purchase yourself?

1. No language barrier

  • Currently, Taobao.com is presented in Chinese, which is understandable considering its origin. Although Google translate can be employed, the language accuracy is highly doubtful. This poses a problem to those not familiar with the language; and one cannot afford to spend time learning the language just to make purchases. The deals won’t wait!

  • Without proper understanding of the main language used on the Taobao site, one is likely to make the wrong selections or purchase from the wrong seller, eventually leading to additional spending.

  • With superb multi-lingual skills, a Malaysian Taobao intermediary can, and will get rid of the language barrier for you. Most agents have employees that are familiar with Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and its dialects and of course, the international language of English.

  • By hiring an agent, you will be guaranteed clear communication channels between you and your preferred Chinese suppliers, thereby minimizing the chances of you ordering something you do not need.

2. Simplified payment process

  • Although the online payment has become more secure and prevalent these days, the payment process used for Taobao purchases is not straightforward: You need to have a Chinese-affiliated online bank account from which you can pay for your products. Of course, such an account is not easily obtained in Malaysia, and not really worth the trouble for small, individual purchases.

  • Additionally, you will also have to deal with differences in currencies, in which discrepancies can be hard to understand. The changes in conversion rates can be hard to keep up with since they occur all the time.

  • With the help of a Malaysian Taobao purchasing agent however, you can buy your products from Taobao and enjoy the benefits of a simplified payment process. Please allow us to handle the heavy-lifting for you! The agency you select will allow you to pay using acceptable international payment methods including PayPal (not allowed by Taobao). The money you pay will then be converted automatically into an acceptable currency in China before payment is done using acceptable accounts within China.

  • The real time conversion that agents provide allows you to take advantage of good rates to pay less for your already-cheap products. An agent also acts as a buffer between you and a complicated Chinese payment system that you may not understand. Purchasing your Taobao products therefore becomes hassle-free and less stressful.

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3. Better financial deals

  • Taobao is the best place for you to find the cheapest products for reselling or personal use in Malaysia. That said, there are still ways of further lowering overall costs of procuring those products. By doing this, you will be able to get higher profit margins once you resell them, or simply enjoy better savings for your goods. That is what smart entrepreneurship or wise spending is all about!

  • If you navigate through the Taobao site on your own to order your goods; you will notice that there is no way for you to combine purchases into one shipment, meaning you will have to pay for individual products from different sellers. As a result, the costs of shipping these products separately will be high.

  • The agents are in a better position to negotiate for lower prices as they will be handling multiple orders from different clients. The huge discounts they manage to negotiate will then be passed on to you. A Taobao sourcing agent, with reliable networks and warehousing facilities, will also combine all the products that you have ordered before shipping them to you, making it a little bit more convenient for you. These agencies therefore play a huge role in helping you lower the overall costs of purchasing goods from China through Taobao.

  • An agent will also ensure that you receive a refund if your goods are not in stock; an option which may not be possible if you were to navigate Taobao on your own blindly. A good Taobao purchasing assistant will also reward your loyalty. Whenever you use their services or even post a review, you could obtain points. These loyalty points can help you negotiate for bigger discounts than the ones already negotiated on your behalf. Think of all the money that you will save!

4. Shipping status updates

  • Keeping track of your products during transportation to Malaysia is something that you need to do to ensure peace of mind. Hiring a Malaysian agent will ensure that this goal is achieved. Through an agent, you will be able to keep track of your order from the time of payment, to the time your goods are delivered to your doorstep. Keeping up to date with your order status is as simple as accessing an account on your agent’s site!

  • An agent bears the responsibility to keep track of your orders regularly as well, and will follow up with the seller upon delays whilst keeping you posted of your order or shipment statuses.

  • With each dealing, you will be given an estimated number of days before your goods arrive in Malaysia, where you will also be updated in real time each time your order moves to the next delivery stage. You will also be able to know whether your products are being delivered by air, sea, or by land. Since some of these transportation methods are faster, you will be in a better position to keep your expectations in check.


Bottom Line
The process of buying products from Taobao.com can either be a very simple and pleasant experience OR a nightmarish process to you. The main difference lies in whether a Taobao Malaysia agent is available to smooth up your transactions. Therefore, do ensure that you purchase via a Taobao agent whenever you are getting goods from Taobao.com; their services are definitely worth every single cent you pay for. After all, shopping is supposed to be a wonderful and happy process!

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