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Tired of queuing in malls and wasting your time looking for items that look similar yet does not satisfy your shopping needs? If you are one of those shoppers who keep on complaining about your experience at the malls and spending more than what you need, then it is about time to learn about shopping via online retail platform, 

Taobao has been around for almost 12 years since its launching in May 2003. As a retail platform the site caters to various businesses and shopaholics, it has widely expanded into almost parts of Asia. As an Alibaba Group subsidiary, the company has been serving business-to-consumer and consumer–to-business sectors throughout the region. 

This Chinese online shopping platform is the answer to your needs of swift and efficient shopping, where your orders are delivered directly to your doorstep. If you are engaged in retail business, there is no need for you to travel to major cities in your country or around the world to purchase the products as many are available at

Taobao has provided small and medium scale enterprises and individual consumers the best online shopping services without costing them a lot of dollars through traveling. It facilitates retail shopping by encouraging entrepreneurs to have their own online stores and widen their business ventures. 

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Shoppers from Chinese speaking countries can now sell their products to end users with the help of the website. In fact, the site's B2C and C2C platforms have over 170 million members and increase because of the various features and services which are worth the investment. 

As one of the world’s most popular sites based on Alexa ratings, the company is able to expand its clientele and attain its gross merchandise volume of more than 1 trillion Yuan. What makes Taobao popular with buyers is its ability to provide buyers with a variety of product listings while sellers have the option to sell their goods either by auction or fixed price. 

Although auction allows budget-conscious buyers to purchase unique or lowly priced items, most can avail of discounted products that are in vogue today. New products are often sold at an affordable price.

Scammers have no place in Taobao since identification and information about the seller can be checked by the buyers. If you, as a buyer, really want the best for their purchase, you can read the seller’s ratings and comments posted by its previous buyers. 

Through its partners like, Taobao also offers high-end products and branded items for the trendy and savvy. Chinese consumers opt to shop through this platform as they are free to choose the products that suit their fashion statement while sitting in their office.

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Spending on luxurious items is not a big deal for shoppers considering the amount of money and time saved via using the website. Splurging on expensive products does not mean you have to travel far to get them; everything you want to keep you in style is within this website. If you are in doubt, why not scrutinize the product by reading the feedback from satisfied customers. For your perusal, you can compare the prices and what customers say about their purchase.

The marketplace in Taobao is wide with its shopping partners and sourcing agents that facilitate your online transaction once the order is placed. Paying online is made possible by using an escrow system which means, the payment can be released upon the arrival of the product to its end user in good condition. Upon checking the goods, you can send the items back if there is damage. This is to ensure that your money goes to the right people and not to scammers. 

The communication line is always open for both buyer and seller before the deal is closed. With its trade manager, a chat program serves as a bridge wherein the shopper can raise its concerns, inquiry or reach a bargain before the online shopping starts. This is to ensure that they both understand the deal and make some last minute changes.

If you want to make your shopping experience truly satisfying and convenient, make it happen with Taobao. Customers keep coming back to this site like their true home. You will never run out of goods for your personal or business needs, or unique or impressive gifts; all of which can be purchased at a lower price here than those of malls.

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